‘I Don’t Want To Sleep’


‘Song 2’

(Blur Cover, Arr. Jennifer Jordan)
Feat. Emily Roskelley

‘Dragons on the Moon’

Part of the ‘audience suggested’ series

New Songs Every Week!

Every week I write a brand new song for a songwriting group I’m a part of, inspired by a particular theme. With the quick turnaround I am often suprised by what comes out of my brain and into a microphone – come along to my Soundcloud page to check out my latest creations! Just look for the GYAWS playlist (Get Your Ass Writing Songs!).

Bespoke Songs

Looking for something special for a birthday / anniversary / wedding gift?
Then look no further! As well as performing ridiculous covers and writing my own thoughts into song, I also write bespoke songs on any subject you choose. Simply let me know what / who you’d like me to write about and what style you’d like the song to be in, along with when you’d like it by. No subject is off the table, I will literally write about ANYTHING.

Rates are negotiable and depend on how much time is needed/how many musicians are involved. Music Video also available for an extra cost.

For more information please contact me at:

‘Dragon From The Valleys’ is an example of one of my bespoke music videos, created for a 50th Birthday.
(Thanks to Yonks, Chris & Ann Marie for letting me share this)

‘Dragon From The Valleys’

A Bespoke Song