A girl trapped by her own fears and boredom is one day given the opportunity to break the cycle. WIth the help of a penguin.

Official selection at Weihnachtsfilmfestival, That Film Festival (Berlin) , and Amsterdam Lift-Off Online, this cute little short about being brave and having adventures has captured the hearts of penguin lovers around the world.

Watch the trailer here, or click the link below for the full film.

‘Foley Folly’

A script I fell in love with from the first time I read it, Foley Folly is essentially six short films in one and my film directing debut.

Official selection for Lift Off Online Sessions 2020 and Out Of The Can International Film Festival 2020

Written by Natalie Roe, ‘Foley Folly’ is a love story between two foley artists at work: They’re falling head over reels.

‘Sonnet Sisters’

Launched in April 2017, Sonnet Sisters is a project in which myself and Anna Rose James take it in turn each week to investigate one of Shakespeare’s sonnets from 1-154.

Join us as we journey through each sonnet with two different segments per sonnet:

– A fun analysis of the sonnet, discussing what the heck is going on and any stuff we didn’t understand first time round.

– The sonnet in performance, putting it into an appropriate context to make it make sense.

Find us on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to see where we’re up to! See the most famous sonnet (18 of course) in performance just here >>>

‘Boxed In’

As both cats and small children know, cardboard boxes hold almost infinite possibilities for joy. They can be spaceships, dragons, far away mountains… we are limited only by our own imaginations.

Boxed in is a completely improvised show, which creates the extraordinary and beautiful from the beige, the cuboid and the mundane, co-directed by Chris Mead (Maydays, Project 2, Scumbags).

The original run is over, but will soon be re-appearing in some form or other so watch this space for updates.

Pop me an email to book my cardboard puppetry workshop at an improv festival.

A blog I wrote about ‘Boxed In’ here.
Improv London’s Podcast featuring me talking about ‘Boxed In’ here.

‘The Remains Of The Spider’

‘The Remains Of The Spider’ is a song written by multiple people across the globe. It’s sort of like a musical version of Chinese Whispers or Consequences. One person recorded an opening few bars, then passed it on to another artist who continued from what they’d heard for a few more bars, then passed on etc. Each artist only hear the few bars that the previous participant had created and had no idea what came before that. The only time anyone heard the song in it’s entirety was once it was finished.

Thanks to all the artists who took part. This would not exist without you all.

Artists (in order): Anna Rose James, Jennifer Jordan, Hannah Bungard, Natalie Brimicome & Matt Pattison, David Cassel (aka The Ukulele Bandito), Natalie Roe, Wil Fortune, Skye Chai, therunningchelsea, DJ Sweetleaf, and Off-Key Musical Improv.