‘Stand Up
(aka The Facebook Tango)’

Feat. Stefano Marzanni
Performed at Inspire’d Stage

‘Song 2’

(Blur Cover, Arr. Jennifer Jordan)
Feat. Emily Roskelley

‘Dragons on the Moon’

Part of the ‘audience suggested’ series

‘I Don’t Want To Sleep’


Song-A-Week Challenge

In 2016, I joined a project called GYAWS (Get Your Ass Writing Songs) which was a challenge to write and record a new song every week, inspired by a particular theme.

With the quick turnaround I was often surprised by what emerged from my brain and into a microphone.

Come along to my Soundcloud page to check them out! Just look for the GYAWS playlist.

Bespoke Songs

Looking for something special for a birthday / anniversary / wedding gift?
Then look no further! As well as performing ridiculous covers and writing my own thoughts into song, I also write bespoke songs on any subject you choose. Simply let me know what / who you’d like me to write about and what style you’d like the song to be in, along with when you’d like it by.

Rates are negotiable and depend on how much time is needed/how many musicians are involved. Music Video also available for an extra cost.

For more information please contact me at:

‘Dragon From The Valleys’ is an example of one of my bespoke music videos, created for a 50th Birthday.
(Thanks to Yonks, Chris & Ann Marie for letting me share this)

‘Dragon From The Valleys’

A Bespoke Song