“Jennifer was SO BRILLIANT
Encouraging, organized, brought consistently awesome ideas and exercises…I’ve taken many improv courses.
She’s an outstanding teacher.”

– Student Feedback from Musical Improv course

Jennifer Jordan
Hi there, lovely to meet you.
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About Me
I am a teaching artist with practise in Improvisation, Acting, and Songwriting. My relationship with performing began when I was very small and led me through: An Acting degree at Bretton Hall; 4 years of Regional & National open air tours of Shakespeare and Jane Austen; Various webseries – including ongoing collaboration with Anna Rose James investigating Shakespeare’s sonnets; And so far has landed me in the land of Improvisation, thanks to my 18 months living in Vancouver.
My ethos as a teaching artist: Everyone deserves the same opportunities and respect in class. I’m positive and energetic, as I believe encouragement is the best motivator. My teaching practise is continually evolving, with focus on how best to empower students to take artistic risks and feel supported in a group. I will always offer a number of feedback routes for anything which does not feel comfortable in class and encourage students to always put their own wellbeing first. Learning and developing skills should be joyful, challenging & inclusive – and that is what I aim for. Read my class Code of Conduct here
My style as an improviser: Enthusiastic squirrel performing at The National

My style as an actor: Naturalism or Nonsense. Take your pick.

I currently perform with: Somewhat Theatre, Scumbags, The Pretend Company and occasional guest spots

I currently teach with: City Academy, The Offer Bank, and my own indie classes

Acting Training
Acting BA (Hons) at Bretton Hall
Screen Acting with Act4TV, Beverley Keogh Casting
Residential Immersion with Teatr Piesn Kosla
Text & Performance Intensive with Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe
Improvisation Training
Core Improv with Vancouver Theatre Sports
Conservatories with Instant Theatre
Ensemble with Second Storey Improv
Summer Intensive with iO Chicago
Intensive weeks with David Razowsky
Intermediate Musical Improv with Showstoppers
Additional Training
British Sign Language Level 6
Deafblind Awareness Level 1
Inclusion in Improv (Stephen Davidson & Monica Gaga)
Mental Health First Aid
First Aid
Child Protection Awareness
Designated Safeguarding Officer (Level 3)
Bystander Intervension (Hollaback)
For more information please contact me:
Email: hello@jennifer-jordan.co.uk
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