"Jennifer Jordan completely stole the show for me!
Her energy, performance and quirky character drew me in. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her whenever she entered the stage"

- Chi-Lin Nim, Peoples Theatre Review of ELSC's Macbeth

Jennifer Jordan

Who is ‘Jennifer’ and what does she do?

Keep reading to learn of her past, sign up to mailing list to learn of her future. At present, she’s probably just having a cuppa and a ginger nut.

You might as well ask what doesn’t she do – it might be simpler. Jennifer Jordan likes all of the things. The three main staples of the diet she calls ‘her life’, though are Shakespeare, Improv, and songwriting. Let’s start with Shakespeare, cos she liked him first…

It’s difficult to pin-point when Jennifer first fell for The Bard, but it was long enough ago that at the end of her Acting degree at Bretton Hall College, both her dissertation and final year directing piece were dedicated to him. At the centre of both these assessments was her fascination with the changes in attitudes towards Shakespeare’s plays and the slow transition from popular culture to high art that has taken place over the last few hundred years since his work was originally being performed. Jennifer’s passion lies with creating a sense of immediacy, excitement, and connection between performers and audience when performing Shakespeare. This is why her afore mentioned directing piece was a mock Shakespearean comic tragedy performed with Cue Scripts. Jennifer performed the leading roles of Portia in The Merchant of Venice, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, and Adriana in A Comedy of Errors with regional open-air touring company Theatre of the Dales when she lived in Yorkshire. After being inspired by the professional intensive she took at Shakespeare’s Globe in January 2017, Jennifer decided to start up her own online Shakespeare project with co-creator Anna Rose James. Thus Sonnet Sisters was born – a weekly vlog in which Anna and Jennifer do a blind reading, analysis and performance of each of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. So that’s three years of her life sorted.

In 2014, Jennifer disappeared to the far off magical unicorn land of Canada and stayed there as long as official paperwork stuff allowed – which was about 18 months. There, she was formally introduced to what is now her second love: IMPROV! Though they’d had fleeting meetings throughout Jennifer’s acting training, it was in the city of Vancouver that the two really fell for each other. They would meet in the day and by moonlight as often as they could through whatever means they could, including Second Storey Theatre, Instant Theatre, and of course Vancouver Theatresports League where it all began. Jennifer became a member of VTSL’s Rookie League Season 8, spending six months as a regular player in an incredible team of talented improvisers. She also had the joy of playing in Girl Jam and as a guest performer with the mainstage cast just before she left to return to London. Jennifer also played with The Fictionals in Vancouver and with Jet City Impro when she passed through Seattle after leaving Vancouver.

As soon as Jennifer returned to London in 2016, she sought out the improv scene and quickly joined the cast of Nursery Originals show The Restaurant, directed by Jinni Lyons. She has since become heavily involved with The Nursery and is now a core part of the team, helping the theatre and the improv community grow. She is currently a performer with: The Concept: an improvised concept album, presented as a live gig – the creation of Heather Urquhart (Showstoppers, Maydays), Jules Munns (Maydays), Joe Samuel (The Maydays), and Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly); Actor’s Nightmare (with Steven Steen, Lee Simpson, Steve Frost, Ruth Bratt, Niall Ashdown, Susan Harrison, and Sally Hogkiss); Somewhat Theatre; and Impromptu Shakespeare. Earlier this year saw her improv directing debut with Boxed In – a show which takes inspiration from an audience member’s childhood imagination and creates a worlds with nothing but cardboard. When she’s not performing, Jennifer can also be found teaching classes and hosting the odd Thursday Night Lights/Carousel. She has also trained with The Showstoppers and The Free Association.

If music be the food of love, play that ukulele. Whimsy. Heartbreak. Marty McFly. Zombies. Puns. Defiance. Jennifer ponders all these significant life experiences, musically emitting them from her brain to your earholes. She writes from the heart and nothing is off the table in terms of subject matter. After joining GYAWS (a songwriting group called Get Your Ass Writing Songs which challenges writers to create a new song every week), Jennifer has written about almost every aspect of life that spikes her interest. Her love of science and passion for talking about mental health are often prevalent, along with her amorous relationship with wordplay. Jennifer writes bespoke songs too for any occasion so if you’d like a unique gift for a friend or a jingle for your company get in touch and she’ll scribble you up something utterly delightful. Book a song here, or go see her play live. It’s a real treat.

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